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A science fiction and fantasy tabletop RPG set in a near-future where the Americas were never colonized, created by a team of Natives.

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Update #19 - Good news!
4 days ago – Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 01:41:13 AM

Hey folks,

I usually post at the start of each month, but things are heating up so I'm going to give you all the news that's fit to print. 

PDF's Are Coming!

Let's go over what that means:

  • PDFs of the full color, completed book will be delivered to backers on 12/2
  • Files are being sent to our printer.  As soon as we have an update from them on timing, we can update you all on when physical books will be shipped.  With that said, while I was hoping for March, it's quite possible we'll be looking at April. Between the holiday, our increased page count (480!), paper shortages, worker shortages, and shipping delays, I just can't make any promises.
  • Folks who backed at $20 and higher will also be receiving the rules light introduction story (PDF) - so you can slowly lure your auntie into playing RPGs.
  • Folks who backed in the first 48 hours will also be receiving recipes from Chef Nico Albert!
  • Roll20 will also be getting started officially on their conversion. I'm hesitant to guess on when that will be completed. We'll announce a timeline for that as soon as we've heard back from them.  

We're very proud of the book we're putting out. It's been months for most of us and years for many of us. It started small and it grew into something enormous. And this is just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. 

Wado/Thank you

Connor Alexander

*Be kind, be safe, mask up, get vaccinated*

Update #18
24 days ago – Thu, Nov 04, 2021 at 12:05:50 AM

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and/or are having a lovely Samhain!

We're so close to the next big hurdle that I can almost taste it. Final files are so close to being ready. The last of the layouts are being worked on and then they'll be with me for final approvals. My goal is still to get you the full PDF of the game before the end of the month. However, as close as we are, we still have a few more stops on the route. 

First, I don't want to rush my final approvals. This is the time where we'll have our last chance to catch little errors, internal inconsistencies, or other things that will haunt me until 2nd Edition. So, I want to make sure we get it as close to 100 as possible. 

Second, before we send them out to all of you, we have to get them to a few other folks first. Most importantly, our printer. But also, our internal and social media teams,  reviewers and media, and a few other folks.

Once all of those have gone out, we can drop the PDFs to you. I do think we can still make it before the end of the month, but it's going to be close.

Along with that, we'll be dropping the Rules Light document and the Early Backer Recipes. Both of which are approaching their final iterations. 

Then we're all going to have to wait on the printer for the physical copies. It's going to seem like a lifetime,  but we'll have some things to announce and release during that period that should help keep us all upbeat and excited.

One final thing - we're working with GenCon to have a live play through on their Twitch channel on December 3rd. We're going to be to raising money with them for - The Indian Residential School Survivor's Society. I have two asks:

  • If you can, check out the stream and donate on 12/3:
  • If you're a celebrity (especially an Indigenous one), and would be interested in playing in the livestream to raise our profile even further, please contact me. We have three great players and a Story Guide already, but we've got one seat left.

That's all the news that's fit to print for now.  It's likely that the next time you hear from me here, it will be with a PDF of the full game in hand.

Stiyu, take care, be safe, be kind, mask up, get vaccinated,


Indigenous People's Day Surprise!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 09:27:00 PM

Today is Indigenous People’s Day in the United States, a day that can be tough for many of us, and I thought it would be nice to surprise all of you with a huge package of Coyote & Crow material. We don’t have the full game for you - yet. That’s still on track for November, along with some of the other stretch goals and rewards.

With that said, I’m so excited to share with all of you the results of endless hours of hard work, love and deep thought from so many of us behind the scenes at Coyote & Crow. Let’s jump into all the great stuff at your fingertips as of today!

→Our YouTube channel is live! Pe Metawe Consulting have dropped their first two videos, the World of Coyote & Crow and Character Creation! They’ll have more soon. These are great at helping ease folks into the game.

You can go directly to our channel, watch the videos and subscribe for more here:

→ Our website has undergone a huge upgrade! We have a host of new features available for you. We’ll break them down one by one here:

→ Our Chahi Character name generator is live!

With this fantastic tool you can generate realistic names for your Characters and NPCs with millions of combinations and meanings!

→ Our official forums are live!

Here you can chat about many different C&C topics, interact with C&C writers and creators, post cosplay pics, discuss world building and rules, and even work on translations of the game into Indigenous languages!

→ Our official Wiki is live!

Here you can browse through Chahi words and get their translations or lookup definitions of game terms. We’ll evolve this Wiki as the game and its world expands.

→ Our Resources Page is live!

This page will house all of our future free downloadable resources. Currently, it has two versions of our official Character sheet. A fillable PDF, and a more print friendly version! Future free files will be available on this page.

But that’s not all!

→ Our official free mobile app is ready to go! Available for Android and iOS, this app will give you access to much of the website's functionality, including the name generator, news feed and link to the YouTube videos, but also gives folks access to a fully functioning d12 system dice generator. It will sort your d12 rolls, allowing you to make adjustments for Focus and takes into account Criticals. For those of you having a hard time corralling a sufficient pool of d12s to play C&C, this should make life a lot easier!



We hope these tools are as exciting for you as they are for us. Our team worked very hard to push our timetable up on these and get them to you on this important date. We hope it brings a little joy into your day and your future games of Coyote & Crow.


The Coyote & Crow Team

Remember: Vaccinate, Mask Up, Be Safe

Update #16
about 2 months ago – Sun, Oct 03, 2021 at 11:55:45 PM

Hello Coyotes and Crows!

Sorry for the delay on the update. I’ve been traveling a bit on a vacation that’s been delayed for more than two years now. I’m sure we all have similar stories. But not to worry, things are progressing fantastically with the game and I’ve got nothing but good news for you.

Let’s start with progress on the core book. As I write this, the initial layouts for the first three sections of the books have been given to me for final tweaks. The final section will be started shortly. Our editing has almost wrapped and all of our core art is done. Really exciting times!

That means that we’re still on track to hopefully get the files to the printer by the end of this month. It also means that from there, the timeline gets a little more murky, but not much. Printing is expected to take 12-13 weeks. Then we have shipping from the printer to our warehouse, then staging and distribution out to all of you. What that translates to is that hopefully you’ll be receiving your physical books in February.

As far as digital rewards, those are all coming along nicely as well. Once we have final files, we’ll be getting them to Roll20 and other folks that need them asap. All of the other stretch goals, like the mobile app, are moving into their final stages on schedule. That means that we’re on target to bring you the PDF and other rewards some time in November. The Roll20 version is a little more of a moving target as we have to wait for their team to translate those files, but I’ve been assured that before the end of the year is an attainable goal.

In other news, we’re still making some tough choices about what we want to include in our next Kickstarter. The realities of everything from paper shortages, to shipping delays, freight costs and more is making us rethink some of our initial plans. My hope is that we can bring you an exciting follow up Kickstarter that will include all of the extras you’d want to help elevate your Coyote & Crow experience and get it to you very very shortly after the campaign wraps. Don’t hold me to this, but I’m really trying to see if we can make a January campaign happen with a May delivery to backers. I’m going to do my best. I may be biting off more than we can chew there.

I’m not going to jump into any game details this month. Instead, I’m just going to leave you with this brilliant piece of art from Tate Allen. This is a yawpon tea ceremony (yawpon is the Chahi word for the real world yaupon tea). During the day, tea is often a ritualized social interaction and is about good company and conversation. At night however, the same tea houses infuse their drinks with various mind-altering substances and the tenor changes to something more introspective and sometimes even hedonistic.

Yawpon Tea Ceremony, by Tate Allen

Take care, get vaccinated, mask up, be kind.


Connor Alexander

Update #15
3 months ago – Fri, Sep 03, 2021 at 11:25:28 PM

Well, here we are again. Another month gone by! I hope you’re all safe and healthy. Things are becoming a bit of a blur for me personally. Between Covid skyrocketing once again and Hurricane Ida, my nerves are shot. But we’re still marching on over here at C&C.

So let’s get to the updates!

Core Rule Book

We’re down to just eight pieces of unfinished art work for the book as of the time of this writing and all eight are currently being worked on! Collecting the art for this book has been one of our biggest challenges and has been a two year journey for me personally. But we’re seeing the end of the tunnel. We ended with 24 total artists, 17 of them Indigenous. I’m really proud of that.

Our layout designer and our editor are hard at work assembling and finalizing the book. We’re hoping to have final files completed by around the middle of October. That’s great news for getting you the full PDF of the game in November. The bad news is that based on print time estimates, it means that physical books probably won’t arrive to our warehouse until the end of the year. That means it may realistically be February before backers receive their physical copies and March before the book reaches retailers. We’ll update these timelines as we go.

I guess overall, March is really only three months after when we originally wanted to get books to you, so that’s not too bad. In the world we’re all living in, I’m going to call that a win.

Other Rewards and Goals

Yesterday I picked up the limited prints that are going to be included with the Seeker Pledge level. They look beautiful! Other things are coming along as well!

  • The Character name generator is finished and it’s amazing
  • The forums are built
  • The Wiki is being built out and is looking good
  • Our fillable PDF character sheet is finished and is really cool
  • The mobile app is coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to the next build

As mentioned above, we’re also currently on track to deliver our digital rewards in November. This will include:

  • The full PDF of the game
  • All website upgrades (including forums, Wiki and more)
  • The mobile app
  • The character name generator
  • Our official Discord server
  • YouTube channel with ‘how to’ videos
  • The “Rules Light” PDF RPG intro game
  • An Actual Play series

Other products

  • Writer Shay Snow is working on the Roll20 Exclusive Story
  • Writer Derek Pounds is working on a new digital Story release that will hopefully be available in November after the full game PDF launches
  • We are officially working on the first Coyote & Crow novel! We’ll have a more formal announcement soon.
  • Two other games set in Coyote & Crow are currently in development
  • We’ve started a POD merch shop on RedBubble for now. The selection will expand over time and move to our own webstore eventually. In the meantime, you can shop here:
  • We’re about to dive into the initial steps of organizing our next Kickstarter. We don’t have a timeline yet, but we’re hoping we can launch it soon. We’ll have more information on that as it develops.
Average multi-generational home life in Cahokia. Art by Mackenzie Neal (Quapaw Nation)

Game Design

This month, I’d like to talk about Character progression in Coyote & Crow and what we call the Legendary system. We’re just going to cover it broadly here and leave the details for the book, but I thought it was important to cover a few aspects because they tie in closely with some of the overall themes of the game. Character progression is built around some core conceits:

  • We didn’t want it to be too mathy or point based
  • We didn’t want to reward violence or murder
  • We didn’t want to reward material gain or greed
  • We wanted progression to be easy to keep track of
  • We wanted it to be tied in with the concept that your characters aren’t just heroes but heroes whose legends will be told for generations to come

The whole process is measured in Sessions, where a Session is simply an instance where your play group gets together to play Coyote & Crow. Your Character can advance current Skills or gain new ones, they can increase, reduce, gain or lose Gifts and Burdens, increase their Stats, or obtain items outside of their normal financial means. A Character can pursue two Short Term Goals and one Long Term Goal all at the same time. After an appropriate number of Sessions, your Character simply makes the change to their Character and then they can give themselves a new goal.

But there’s also a Story Guide aspect to this. They get to create a secret Long Term Goal for the whole group. Normally, it’s the culmination of the Story arc that the Guide has the Characters on. We’ll have advice in the book for the average number of Sessions and how to craft a meaningful Long Term Goal.

The difference between the group Long Term Goal and the individual Character Long Term Goals is that when the Characters complete this goal, they gain a Legendary Rank and get to create a Tale. Each Legendary Rank allows Players to manipulate a single die value by 1, changing any one die roll during a Check, up or down by one.

But even better, in my humble opinion, is that each Player is encouraged to craft a Tale, a summary of the events of the Story that got them the Rank. Players write them in isolation and are encouraged to embellish, enhance and straight up fabricate the actual events of the Story and can make them a short story, poem, song lyrics, whatever they’d like. The idea is that these Tales are the events retold generations later around a late night fire with the Player’s Character as the central hero of the Story. The next time you all get together to play your next Session, players can then share their Tales with each other.

And as much as I’m looking forward to hearing about your actual Stories and Characters and Sagas, I’m really excited to hear your individual Tales. In fact, let’s lay stake to the hashtag now:  #CoyoteAndCrowTales. When you’re at that point, share your Tales with all of us on social media. Let out your inner storyteller!

That’s it for now folks!