Coyote & Crow the Role Playing Game

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A science fiction and fantasy tabletop RPG set in a near-future where the Americas were never colonized, created by a team of Natives.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #23
10 days ago – Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 07:37:30 PM


I hope you’re all safe, feeling well, and off to a good start on your new year. I usually like to drop these at the start of the month, but I wanted to wait until I had a few more data points for you all. This post is full of good news, so let’s get right to it.

Our Kickstarter Obligations


This is important! If you haven’t filled out your survey yet, get on it! We’ll be locking addresses soon. Everyone will get a notice before that happens, so you can make changes to your shipping addresses as needed. But we still have 495 of you who have not filled out your surveys. Likely, many of you in this situation are using “AppleID”. You’ll need to fix this problem and fill out your survey before we can complete your pledges. If you haven’t gotten your survey, please do not contact me before you’ve gone through BackerKit support first. This is for your benefit and ours (they’ll be able to fix this faster than I can. I’m just one person and I’m not tech support). If you haven’t gotten your survey and you used AppleID, this should be your first stop:, otherwise, please read this post and get your surveys completed soon, please:


Our printer has confirmed that we’re on track with their estimate of a late March ship date. To be clear, this means the books will leave the printing facility some time around late March. They then have to go to our warehouse in Atlanta, be received, then shipped out to all of you. I’m hoping that means that backers will start receiving their books sometime around the end of April. Maybe sooner, but with the way the world is, I’ll be happy with the end of April.

Also, based on paper shortages, the book is going to be slightly larger than originally planned - .25 inches taller to be exact. It won’t affect the layouts or anything else. Might just sit a little higher on the shelf than your other RPGs *wink wink*.


We haven’t talked about this for awhile because we haven’t really worked on it much. Without having a hard timeline for having the physical books ready to ship, I’ve been hesitant to start trying to make libraries and librarians ‘hurry up and wait’. So we’ll tackle donations once we actually have the books in our warehouse and I can start taking real actions. However, if you are a librarian who works with or for a reservation library or for the AITLA or the ATALM and would like to help, please do reach out to me directly. (Please, please, please, do not email or message me if you are not a librarian who works in these circles. Feel free to recommend them to me if you feel comfortable doing so.)

Digital Versions/PDFs

Two exciting things to talk about here. First, whether you backed originally or pre-ordered later, there’s a new version of the PDF up and available now. You should have either received notices (if you bought through Shopify) or you can go back to your BackerKit pledge and download the new version, called version 1.01. There isn’t a huge change to the book, just a few typos, one small change on the Cahokia map key, and a few other little details. If you aren’t hyper aware of them, you might not even be able to find them. Thank you for all of you who let us know when you spotted them!

In addition, we’re working on an e-reader variation of the PDF. It should be available in our Shopify store in the coming months. More on that as it develops.

Mobile App

The iOS version has already been updated to include a ‘shake and roll’ mechanic to the dice tool. The Android version should be updating shortly (and may already be updated by the time this goes out). In addition, we’ve added a Discord integration to the tool, so that you can share your dice rolls directly to Discord!


We’re still moving toward integration and will let you know more as Roll20 updates us.

Rebecca Roanhorse Story

We’re in communication with Rebecca and hoping that we can schedule some time with her soon to work on her story.

Other News


We just launched our latest video, a primer on Encounters. You’ll find it here:

We’ve also got a video coming that’s an interview with the creator of the Chahi language, William McKay!

Our next Crowdfunding Project

We’ll be launching this soon with news of when & where, but we’re really excited about it. We think you will be too. We’ll hopefully be going live sometime in February.

Custom Dice

While we don’t have a firm date yet, we’re going to be bringing you custom dice from Qworkshop! These will be a set of twelve d12 dice, nine white with purple numbering and three black with gold numbering. They’re currently being manufactured and will hopefully be leaving Poland this spring. Available sometime this summer.

Custom Dice!

Story Guide Screen

We’re working currently on a Story Guide Screen, which has an incredible piece of art from Sadekaronhes Esquivel. We’ll have more on that soon. I’m hoping we can have that for you this summer.

Foundry VTT

We’ve partnered with Charlotte Hamilton, who brought The Expanse RPG to Foundry. She’s working hard on the Coyote & Crow port to the Foundry platform and we’ll have a full announcement about that soon.

Our Next Big RPG Book

I’m currently in the research and planning stages for our next big book. This will be a Saga book, containing a detailed setting, characters and stories that should provide a wealth of game play that is interconnected and deeply thematic.

Coyote & Crow Novel

We’ll have more on this soon, but it’s being worked on and we’ll likely have a release early this spring!

Other Games

We have two currently in development and I’m hoping we can do a more official announcement soon. Both of them are set in the world of Coyote & Crow and are stand alone tabletop games.

Conventions and Appearances

Currently, we’re being very cautious about planning our conventions experiences. We had to decline an offer to appear at OrcaCon on a panel. I just didn’t feel good about Covid. Currently, I’m scheduled to appear at NorWesCon on some panels(TBD). We haven’t scheduled game play there yet, but if you’re Indigenous and are already planning on attending and would like to run a C&C event, please contact me through our website.

We’ll have a booth at the GAMA Trade Expo in March (that’s for hobby retailers and not open to the public), and I’m currently hoping we can attend both Origins Game Fair, Gen Con, PAX Unplugged and other conventions this year in a more or less official capacity. I’m open to discussions with schedulers on attending any con at any level, but I’d like to manage expectations carefully.

Partnership and Job Opportunities

We’re looking for the following folks to work with:

  • An Ojibwe game designer – of any experience level. This is for a non-Coyote & Crow tabletop board game design.
  • Indigenous Musicians! - We’d like to create a soundtrack for Coyote & Crow
  • A writer indigenous to the Pacific Northwest
  • An Indigenous merch producer – a company that can make our t-shirts, stickers, pins, etc (supporters, no need to make suggestions, thank you)

For more on these, please see our full descriptions and instructions on how to apply/contact us:

That's all for now! Please be kind, be safe, get vaccinated, mask up.



Update 22 - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 20, 2021 at 07:37:09 PM

Well, it's been quite the rollercoaster over here the last few weeks. We dropped the PDF of the core rules, I attended a honest to goodness real convention (PAX Unplugged), we launched our Discord, dropped a new video, released our rules light PDF and the recipes and opened our webstore. But there's larger news going on behind the scenes and I wanted to wait to drop it all to you until we had some kind of next steps and resolution. Let's start with:

The Bad

When we began this journey, our goal was to print our book in North America and after some recommendations, we settled in on a relationship with Bang, a subdivision of Sheridan/CJK Group. Throughout the build up to the Kickstarter and our unexpected success, we continually worked on revising our estimates with them and keeping our communication flowing. Of course, these estimates went up as page counts went up, paper costs went up, and employee availability fell. A few months ago we had to adjust the planned retail costs of the book from $50 to $60. You all received the PDF of the game on 12/2. But prior to that on 11/23, we delivered final printing files to Bang. At that point they'd given us a 12-13 week production estimate overall but I suspected that not much would get done during the year end/holiday period. That put us in the March/April time period for delivering physical books to all you backers.

Sadly, on the day we delivered you all your PDFs, I was contacted by my rep at Bang and given unexpected and awful news. They chose this point in the process to tell me that the 12-13 week timeline wasn't accurate. Instead it was going to be at least 8 months. That would potentially mean that it might be the end of next year for physical delivery to backers. Maybe longer.

Needless to say I was...angry. Beyond that, I no longer had any faith in Bang, and I certainly didn't feel safe giving a massive portion of our funding capital to them. This has meant that over the last few weeks, much of my enjoyment of the release of the PDF has been tainted by this ugly turn of events and a scramble to find a new printer.

The Ugly

Without getting into ridiculously long (and frankly boring) details, or worse, providing you with spreadsheets, this also has had a domino effect on upcoming future Coyote & Crow projects. Our original plan had been to get you all an estimated ship date on physical books, followed by an announcement of our next Kickstarter, which would have launched in January with hopeful fulfillment of that Kickstarter shortly after the physical core rulebook delivered.  For now, those plans are cancelled.


But that brings me around to a larger announcement. Recently, Kickstarter made a pretty big statement: and since then, there's been a lot of discussion on the potential environmental and fiscal impacts and around blockchain in general. You can read some of the initial reactions here: 

We're a fledgling publisher, working with many marginalized creators in an industry that is already pretty niche to begin with. Kickstarter is, by default, is going to give our projects the most exposure. However a critical part of our mission statement is to not only pursue environmentally friendly practices when we can, but to lead the way whenever possible. While there is room for discussion about whether blockchain technology is something that can evolve into something both fiscally secure and safe for the environment, we are not at that stage. Nothing Kickstarter has said publicly has clarified the specifics of how they are going to proceed, but based on the information they've provided, we've decided to take specific action. Coyote & Crow LLC will no longer use Kickstarter for future crowdfunding projects. Where we go next will be decided over the upcoming months. 


Moving on,  we're now facing a massive cost hike from our new printer.  One so huge, that we're going to have to raise the retail price of the book yet again, just to help offset these costs. In fact, this printing cost increase (just over a 30% total cost increase) is so massive that, if we'd not had the generous funding we originally had from all of you, it might have crippled the whole project.  Instead, we're now looking at a $70 retail cost of the core rulebook. This does not affect backers or their pledges or pre-orders in any way. We are not asking (nor accepting) further pledge money. This only affects the game at a retail level. But let's all bring this around to the Good.

The Good

We've got quite a bit of good news to go around. So let's jump into it. Obviously, the first bit of good news is, we have a new printer! The folks at Taylor/Balfour were great at stepping up on short notice and working with me to get things moving. They've been communicative and transparent and addressed my concerns to the best of their ability. Their prices, while higher, are at least partially reflective of the current paper scarcity that everyone is dealing with. But the other thing to highlight is that they are estimating they can ship books from their facility by March 11th!  While this is only an estimate and does not include shipping time to our warehouse in Atlanta, nor receiving and organizational time afterward, nor subsequent shipping to you from our warehouse, it does mean that you're likely to get your books before this summer, maybe even as soon as April! I'll fill you all in as things morph, but to me, this was the only real ray of sunshine in the current situation.

This change has also given us pause to rethink our next crowdfunding project. We'll have more official announcements soon, but we're radically reorganizing our goals and plans for that. Beyond our next crowdfunding project we have a number of other things we can confirm we're working on to various degrees:

  • Custom dice set for the RPG
  • Story Guide Screen for the RPG
  • Two tabletop games set in the Coyote & Crow universe
  • A novel set in the Coyote & Crow universe
  • A number of one-shot Stories for the RPG to help new Story Guides acclimate to our setting
  • Lots of other things that we can't confirm quite yet

Also, this delay in production and getting files to our new partner is allowing us to integrate and correct the typos, errors or inconsistencies in the initial digital release of the core rulebook that so many of you have thoughtfully pointed out. Once we have those completed and we have files off to the printer, we'll look at sending backers a 1.01 version of the PDF with those updated changes. 

We've received a couple of early reviews! Check out some of these kind words on our work:

A Tribe Called Geek:


If you want to support us further, please point people to our webstore:

And if you are or know a graphic designer looking for work, we're hiring! Please check our blog post for more:

Lastly, don't forget our Discord and YouTube channels:

That's all for now. Thanks for taking this journey with us. We'll see you in the new year!

Be safe, be kind, mask up, get that booster.



Update 20 and 1/2 - Cleaning House and PDFs (Ignore if you've received your PDF)
about 2 months ago – Mon, Dec 06, 2021 at 03:01:38 AM

If you've received your PDF - great! Enjoy. You can completely ignore this email and carry on.

If you have not received your PDF, please read through this carefully!

Folks, there are two primary reasons you haven't received your PDFs and I'm going to cover both situations here. 

You backed during the campaign on Kickstarter: If you backed during the campaign and pledged at a tier that was higher than $5 (except the retailer level) but have not received your PDF, it's likely you have not yet filled out your BackerKit survey. Currently there are 572 people who have not filled out their survey. BackerKit has sent out more than 10 emails to each of you during this time.  Please do not email me personally about this. While I'm happy to help, I'm spending increasing numbers of hours of my day trying to trouble shoot your emails with BackerKit. Please use BackerKit support and make sure you are receiving emails. Then, fill out your surveys. Then, go back into your pledge on BackerKit and you should see your digital downloads available to you.

You backed as a late-pledge/pre-order through BackerKit: If you backed after the campaign and have not received your PDF, this is likely not your fault. When we created the late pledge options there was an error and the PDFs did not get loaded to the pledges that included physical books. They have since been added to all appropriate levels. However, since the emails went out before we made that adjustment, many of you were not notified. You should be able to go back into your BackerKit pledge and find it. If you're having trouble finding that email or getting into your BackerKit pledge, you can either email BackerKit support or email me through our website ( ) and we can resend your pledge email to you.

Other Issues: There may be other outstanding issues that do not fit either of these categories. Please use BackerKit support as your first option. I'm happy to help, but it's highly likely that they can fix any issues faster than I can.

One final note: Please keep in mind that we cannot deliver any rewards to you if you have not filled out your BackerKit survey. You might want to check on Kickstarter and figure out what email you used. That's where BackerKit sends their surveys. Once physical books are ready to ship, we'll lock addresses. We'll also give plenty of notice before we do that.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Stay safe, be kind, get vaccinated(and boosted) and mask up.

Till next time my fellow coyotes and crows.


Update #20 - PDFs Are Here!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Dec 05, 2021 at 12:25:50 AM

It's Time!

Every backer who pledged at $20 or higher should be receiving their PDF of the book today. This PDF is identical to the full color physical copy of the book. If you don't see it in your inbox for the email you used to pledge by the end of the day, follow these easy steps:

  • Don't Panic
  • Check Your Spam Folder
  • Don't immediately email me here or through the website. Wait at least a day before reporting an issue as there may be problems at any number of levels. I'll be working with BackerKit to make sure every PDF is delivered.

In addition, a couple of other things are being announced:

  • Early backers should also be getting their recipe cards in their email
  • All backers at $20 or higher should also be receiving the Rules Light Introductory Adventure in their email. Depending on how long it takes to get out recipes and PDFs, this may take a couple of days in total.
  • Our official Discord server is launching! You can find it at:
  • A new video is up on our website on how the basic d12 System works! Here's the link:

If you have delivery issues or if you have comments or concerns about the game:  Please be aware that we'll have people watching the Coyote & Crow website forums and the Discord Server. However, you may experience long delays in receiving replies through Kickstarter, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Our suggestion is that you leave congratulations, compliments and constructive feedback on our website forums or on our Discord (or Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you don't need a rapid reply)

Lastly, we'll be suspending late pledges for physical copies. From here out, if you wish to get a physical copy of the book, you'll need to get it through your local hobby store or other retail options. 

As far as other updates:

  • Physical Copies: March is still possible, but April is starting to look more likely.
  • Roll20: No hard timeline yet. Might be before the end of the year but more likely January or Q1 of next year.
  • Rebecca Roanhorse Adventure: No hard timeline yet. We're still working on finding time in her schedule.
  • Other stuff: We're going to have announcements soon about other exciting Coyote & Crow RPG products as well as other tabletop games and media from Coyote & Crow LLC!

On a more personal note, I'm really proud of what we're delivering you. While much of this work is mine, it absolutely would not exist without the hard work and vision of more than 40 other people - not even counting our amazing play testers! This work isn't flawless. But that's where you come in. We know that the best way to really grow an RPG is to let people play it. We want you to mold it, reshape it, break it, put it back together again. If the Creator shines on us, we'll have a second edition down the line and be able to incorporate all of the best of those ideas. This book isn't the end. It's just the start.

Stay safe, be kind, mask up, get vaccinated - and get a booster if you can.


Connor Alexander

Update #19 - Good news!
2 months ago – Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 01:41:13 AM

Hey folks,

I usually post at the start of each month, but things are heating up so I'm going to give you all the news that's fit to print. 

PDF's Are Coming!

Let's go over what that means:

  • PDFs of the full color, completed book will be delivered to backers on 12/2
  • Files are being sent to our printer.  As soon as we have an update from them on timing, we can update you all on when physical books will be shipped.  With that said, while I was hoping for March, it's quite possible we'll be looking at April. Between the holiday, our increased page count (480!), paper shortages, worker shortages, and shipping delays, I just can't make any promises.
  • Folks who backed at $20 and higher will also be receiving the rules light introduction story (PDF) - so you can slowly lure your auntie into playing RPGs.
  • Folks who backed in the first 48 hours will also be receiving recipes from Chef Nico Albert!
  • Roll20 will also be getting started officially on their conversion. I'm hesitant to guess on when that will be completed. We'll announce a timeline for that as soon as we've heard back from them.  

We're very proud of the book we're putting out. It's been months for most of us and years for many of us. It started small and it grew into something enormous. And this is just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. 

Wado/Thank you

Connor Alexander

*Be kind, be safe, mask up, get vaccinated*